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A telephone counselling service for grief and loss-related issues

Sensum Bereavement Support is a bereavement counselling service by telephone for clients living in Ireland, offering a compassionate and understanding space to discuss all matters relating to grief and loss.

The service provides an easily accessible form of support. Counselling calls can be booked and paid for online. Then conveniently experience counselling in the comfort and safety of your own home or location. No travelling required and discretion assured.

Like all bereavement support services in Ireland, Sensum Bereavement Support looks to be a guiding light in the darkness of grief, helping to maintain hope and assist with recovery through bereavement counselling by telephone.

Bereavement Counselling – How does it help?

When we experience bereavement, due to the death of a loved one or another form of significant loss, every aspect of our being is touched upon. The resulting grief reaction is, at times, distressing, overwhelming and confusing.

Unfortunately, when grief does come into our lives, many of us feel unprepared and unequipped to deal with it, or lack the awareness of how to address it. We may seek the support of family and friends but their responses may not always be helpful, especially as time passes.

Bereavement counselling provides a safe space in which grief can be expressed and heard, without judgement or expectation. It is an outlet for the suffering that exists within, a chance to unburden and to find relief in sharing with an empathetic listener.

Counselling for bereavement can help to cope with a grief reaction, to make sense of it, and to help in adjusting to a loss and all the challenges this brings. Grief is a process that we work through and, hopefully, move through, a process which counselling can facilitate.

Sensum Bereavement Support is a bereavement counselling service in Ireland, specifically offering support to those struggling to cope with their grief reaction. If you feel like this type of support could help you then do contact me or book a call online.

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Telephone Counselling – What are the benefits?

There are several benefits and advantages to telephone counselling over other forms of counselling, including face-to-face counselling. Convenience is one of the major benefits, not having to spend the time and make the effort to travel to see a counsellor, which can be a demand both practically and emotionally in times of grief. Being able to have counselling in one’s own home, rather than the counsellor’s environment, can feel safer and less daunting, providing a greater sense of control. This is also enhanced by the anonymous nature of telephone counselling.

There is an assumption that telephone counselling is a more limited form of therapy than face-to-face counselling with regards to the level of communication that can take place between counsellor and client. This is not the case and, in fact, it is more likely to be the opposite. In face-to-face counselling, non-verbal communication can create a barrier and have an inhibiting effect. Many clients say it is harder to open up when sitting in front of somebody. Telephone counselling removes this barrier and makes communicating easier.

Sensum Bereavement Support is a telephone counselling service in Ireland that specialises in bereavement counselling by telephone. If you think this type of support could benefit you or you want to try it for yourself, you can book a call online for as soon as the following day, depending upon availability.

About Me

Hello, my name is Marcus Elliott. I have been working in psychological support services since 1990 and qualified as a counsellor in 2003, gaining professional accreditation in 2015. I also have over ten years of experience working as a telephone counsellor. In 2017 I left my employment at the time in order to pursue a career as an independent and private practitioner. My own life experiences have brought me to a place in myself where I have decided to specialise in counselling for bereavement and loss, an area which I feel is still very much misunderstood and ill-informed. I hope you will give me the opportunity to help and support you in coping with and working through your own personal grief process.

Marcus Elliot - Sensum Bereavement Support

“The weight of this sad time we must obey.
Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say”

King Lear, William Shakespeare

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If you are struggling to cope with your grief reaction or to make sense of the loss you are experiencing, help is at hand. Along with the other bereavement support services in Ireland, my service is here to offer emotional assistance, guidance and counsel through the hardest of times. Access Sensum Bereavement Support by booking online if you live in Ireland and are searching for help with your loss and grief.